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February 7th

…to those basic tenets.

  • The World in Cyberpunk 2077 Is Hollow—the Posters Prove It | WIRED Stacey Henley finds that a broad study of 2077‘s posters reveals an overwhelming worldbuilding focus on sex, violence, and racism.
  • Spectacular | Bullet Points Monthly Autumn Wright struggles with 2077 as a work of hollow spectacle.
  • “Perhaps the most damning thing about Cyberpunk 2077, a game that wants so desperately to be bright and loud and cool, is that it is uninspiring. Whereas other games might use their systems to posit new ideas about history, gender, or humanism, ideas…

    February 14th

    …in writing and vocal work. And in a genre where many games that feature sexuality swim in the dark creepy end of the pool, HuniePop is refreshingly light and positive about the sex (implied, shown or heard) within it.”

    Critical Chaser

    Somebody set us up the. . . antiquated nuclear reactor.

    • Could a Nuclear Reactor Actually Last for Hundreds of Years? | Popular Mechanics Caroline Delbert asks, via a bit of science theorycrafting in good fun, what the onboard nuclear reactors of the Voyager probes can tell us about the latest supercritical hijinks in Destiny…

    The List Jam Roundup

    …everybody be cool, this is a robbery! by Skullkid18

  • Things I would like to do in video games (David Cage not allowed) by No Escape
  • Cursed List of Jungle Tilesets as Narrated by Werner Herzog by spiders and krisekrise
  • Genre Games by Nate Kiernan
  • 200 Games I Won’t Play by BLA?
  • Exploring Narrative

    The format of a list, regardless of its purpose, can also tell its own stories. This set of entries tells a story as a list of steps, or items,

    July 4th

    …is a tale of lesbian romance and coming out | Lottie Lynn reflects on A Summer’s End search for the authentic self, and chats with the game’s developers about the vital need for Asian LGBTQIA+ representation.

  • Pride Week: Disidentification and Lady Dimitrescu – Taking Pride in Queer Thirst | Dr Lloyd (Meadhbh) Houston offers a disidentifying read of Resident Evil Village, contextualizing the queer desire that has catalyzed online around Lady D.
  • “The seductive fascination vampires such as Carmilla, the Deneuve-Bowie-Sarandon sex hydra, and our very own Lady Dimitrescu exert on audiences and protagonists…

    Adrienne Shaw | Keywords in Play, Episode 14

    …Temple’s new Graduate Certificate in Cultural Analytics. Shaw is author of Gaming at the Edge: Sexuality and Gender at the Margins of Gamer Culture (winner of the 2016 International Communication Association’s Popular Communications Division’s Book Award). She has co-edited three anthologies: Queer Game Studies (2017, University of Minnesota Press), Queer Technologies: Affordances, Affect, Ambivalence (2017, Routledge), and Interventions: Communication Research and Practice (2018, Peter Lang). She is also the founder of the LGBTQ Game Archive and co-curator of Rainbow Arcade, the world’s first exhibit of LGBTQ game history (Dec 2018-May 2019 in Berlin, Germany). From 2011 to 2015 she was…

    November 14th

    …oasis of LGBTQ+ representation in an otherwise very heteronormative media landscape.

    “Sure, Bonehilda, cowplants and vampires weren’t real, but having a career, cooking mac-and-cheese and paying bills were. Maybe queer sex and LGBTQ+ relationships were too?”

    Engrossing Play

    Two meditations this week on games that pull us in, for better and for worse, amid their wider contexts.

    • How I Became Obsessed With ‘Pikmin Bloom’ | Epilogue Gaming Flora Eloise describes the relaxing charms of Nintendo’s latest mobile AR game.
    • TO THE GARDEN OF MADNESS | DEEP HELL Karin Malady meditates on…

    April 17th

    sex within containment. From the literal confines of a ship far off from human civilization to the unique challenges of basing a visual novel on more linear source material, Eclipse balances the realities that shape all romance: uncontrollable circumstances and the free will to navigate them.”

    Art Lessons

    Here we’ve got two breakdowns of the culture and context which inform in-game art assets.

    • Blasphemous: un videojuego con una visión diferente de la Semana Santa | GamerFocus Julián Ramírez documents Blasphemous‘ macabre, critical spin on Holy Week imagery (Spanish-language article).
    • The Beauty of Oblivion’s Map…

    October 16th

    …never let go | Polygon Kazuma Hashimoto unpacks the origins and influences of Tetsuya Nomura’s post-millennial zipcore drip.

  • Scorn Is True To Giger’s Work, But Needs More Dicks | Kotaku Claire Jackson finds the Gigeresque Scorn to be productively frustrating. Mostly.
  • “As a trans woman who’s spent most of her life closeted, I’ve found HR Giger’s work viscerally communicates an ambience of doomed sex, sexuality, and physical forms, a general sense of unease and confusion that resonates with how I’ve seen the world for most of my life. His images provide meditative spaces that are much…

    This Year in Videogame Blogging: 2022

    …over our brains and our social media feeds in 2022.


    The latest game from Sam Barlow is another database tale about sex and identity.

    • The Rapists of Immortality | Unwinnable Aster Shen contemplates perspective, identification, and abuse in Immortality (content warning for discussions of child abuse and sexual assault).
    • Immortality review: a peeling apart of stories, power and film that can’t quite balance on a knife edge | Rock Paper Shotgun Alice Bell praises Immortality‘s intent but has some quibbles about its context.
    • Papers, Apples, Microphones, Chairs: Immortality’s Spatial Miscellany | Unwinnable Caroline