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July 28th

Animal Crossing

Jenn Frank over at Paste Magazine uses her review to try and pinpoint what the appeal of the highly engaging game is.

Meanwhile, Juli Clover reports a recently discovered glitch that lets you double money and items at will and how it has turned Animal Crossing into “a grotesque slave exchange.”

The Last of Us

Some guy over at PopMatters is disappointed in The Last of Us that for all its supposed greatness he found that it didn’t focus on any fundamental ideas as much as its drama and ultimately felt it a work…

This Year In Videogame Blogging: 2013

…however, I will not vouch for the comments and to be on the safe side, this section bears a Trigger Warning for discussions of sexism, harassment, rape and imagery of brutal violence towards women.

Anita Sarkeesian uploaded the first four videos of her Kickstarted series Tropes vs. Woman in Video Games covering the Damsel in Distress in three parts and Ms. Male Character in one.

Jenn Frank for Gameranx deconstructs what Dead Island Riptide‘s headless woman torso statue says about the culture that produced it and what it represents.

Trigger Warning end.

Polygon’s Tracey Lien looks…

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May 11th

…many questions with it […]

I’m willing to bet that if you geared your documentary trailers toward information rather than exploitation, they’d prove just as popular force others to see you in a new light. You have the potential here to get lots of young people interested in global politics — why not take it?

Apart from hosting Call of Duty ads, Vice also serves as the latest platform for Jenn Frank, who returns with a tale of the heyday of college campus piracy and shareware procrastination that seems almost transcendent and mystical. And she’s talking about…

June 22nd

…At The Appendix, Alex Golub traces how the word ‘mana’ went from a word with a specific meaning in many Polynesian languages to be adopted as the default term for magical energy in fantasy games and novels.

Lastly, on her own site Infinite Lives, Jenn Frank has been playing Tomodachi Life and finds herself reflecting not just on the imperfect simulation it offers, about recollections in general, and people, and family.

Liberty, Equality, Unity

In his regular column at The Escapist, Robert Rath takes a look at Assassin’s Creed: Unity and tracks why, for multiple reasons, relegating…

August 3rd

…much by the inclusion of different audiences that the traditional design focus of games as havens for straight, white, cis male power fantasies will disappear. (Oh, the humanity.)

On Infinite Lives, Jenn Frank uses the lack of a pause button in Destiny as a jumping-off point to discuss her feelings of guilt, frustration and resentment of being made into a “Game Widow,” and talks about how design choices in games can put real strain on personal relationships depending on how they influence the player to manage their time and attention,

Later, Ted tells me there is no

September 28th

Welcome, Guardian. This cave is an important part of our history. It is called The Cave. Essays spawn outside of The Cave and drop legendary Engrams of Critical Distance: The This Week In Video Game Blogging. I am The Traveler, Zach Alexander, here to give you The Insight so that you might combat The Darkness with Knowledge.

First Things First

Guardian! Outside the cave are The Genders! E McNeill discusses the field of virtual reality and the gender gap. Jenn Frank, Guardian of The Guardian, discusses her personal experience with community and gender.

Elsewhere, Sande Chen

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This Year in Videogame Blogging: 2014

…subject of representation goes beyond the content of games, into the makeup of the industry itself. Jenn Frank wrote about The Rolodex and how the normal processes of business networking can be a self perpetuating system of exclusion if it isn’t recognized and actively countered. Responding to well-meaning but confounded readers, Leigh Alexander wrote a few Dos and Don’ts on combating online sexism.

Squinky, aka Deirdra Kiai, delivered an impassioned talk at this year’s #1reasontobe panel at the Game Developers Conference, namely on the challenges of being gender non-binary in a highly gendered industry like videogames. “Making games is…

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