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November 9th

How are you all this fine, crisp, chilly autumn day? And you in the southern hemisphere can keep your bragging to yourself, thank you very much. Eric here to take you on another journey through This Week In Video Game Blogging!

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 continues to stir up conversation both as a sexual entity and in the game’s other facets.

Apple Cider Mage picks up the sex positive/sex negative discussion around the titular character as an opportunity to explore what is actually meant by both terms in a feminist context.

Todd Harper, however, is

November 24th

…he calls “Active and Reactive” designs.

At Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Cara Ellison has another segment of her S.EXE column, where she looks at Girlvania and its subversions of the “sex simulator.” The Go Make Me a Sandwich blog has a piece asking why sex in videogames is so dull and unsatisfying.

And at Videodame, Ludeshka reflects on her childhood playing early PS1 and Genesis games.

We Are Videogaming

Simon Parkin looks back on the year-old Grand Theft Auto V and the various perspectives players bring into the game.

And Lastly,

At Paste, Javy Gwaltney…

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This Year in Videogame Blogging: 2014

…get around the heteronormativity of the game to portray her friends within.

Bayonetta 2 also caused some discussion, with Maddy Myers seeing merit in Bayonetta as a sex positive figure that doesn’t bend to anyone’s gaze. On the other hand, Apple Cider Mage didn’t feel a character like Bayonetta can fill that role until there is a plethora of other characters of all types.

Todd Harper decided to take a week and write anything about Bayonetta 2 not having to do with the titular character’s position either as sex empowerment fantasy or sexual object. And at Failing Awkwardly,…

January 18th

Hi! For the sake of avoiding that awkward conversation where you pretend to remember the stranger enthusiastically greeting you, it’s This Week in Videogame Blogging!

GamerGate: Picking up the Pieces

It’s 2015 and GamerGate is still in the conversation, so let’s start this week off with Ian Miles Cheong’s interview with developer Caelyn Sandel discussing the nefarious hate campaign that is totally not a hate campaign (it is). Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu appear on Nightline to discuss sexist tropes in games and the impact GamerGate had on their lives. Damion Schubert, however, reminds us that GamerGate

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May 3rd

…gamers sexist. McVeigh notes that the study, by the researchers’ own admission, doesn’t actually prove very much at all, writing:

While this research is interesting, it is difficult to assess whether the study offers any new information regarding sexist video games and their effects. The study suggests that future research be conducted on more specific genres and subgenres to determine if any correlation between video games and sexism exist and ultimately admits that the research is limited due to location specificity. Certainly, the study does not offer quantifiable proof that games do not cultivate first order attitudes nor

June 28th

…pitfalls of fast travel.

Javy Gwaltney dives into the character of Batman and Why Dishonored Is The Best Batman Game Ever Made. While, back to Gamasutra, Felipe Pepe gives an abridged history on 21 RPGs.

Sex, Exclusion and Art

Katherine Cross uses Night Witches to define the “difference between a ‘sexist portrayal’ and a portrayal of sexism.” Meanwhile, in response to another Katherine Cross piece for Gamasutra, Lana LeRay argues AAA games are making progress with depictions of sex and intimacy.

Over at FemHype, Jillian looks at exclusion in GTFO The Movie:

July 2015

Religion, Not Sex, and TEETH

This month, our own Riley MacLeod sits down with a friend and talks about religion and religious identities in the queer community while playing Super 3D Noah’s Ark.

Elsewhere, Streamfriends Nick and Nico play The Stranger, a game that is – they assure – not about a sex act. The Stranger does however, and despite its fantasy/cartoon aesthetic, seem to exist in a universe that shares cultural references with our own, including Obama and Wayne Gretzky.

Bringing us to a close this week, Liz Ryerson looks at

August 30th

Sticking with Gamasutra for a moment, Alex Wawro has a front-page piece on the psychological toll that studying and rendering hyperreal violence (and other grotesqueries) can have on designers and animators working in the games industry (Content Warning: graphic violence).

Moving over to Not Your Mama’s Gamer, Samantha Blackmon questions why Fallout Shelter not only erases queerness, it also enforces some highly specific attitudes regarding pregnancy:

There was so much about the mechanics of this game that not only privileged heteronormativity but also reproduction. Only heterosexual sex is allowed, heterosexual sex always leads to both 100%

Discover a Critical Culture

…and our broader culture. And most importantly, Critical Distance made me feel like I could be a part of the conversation, inviting me to participate in its Blogs of the Round Table and submit my work to This Week in Videogame Blogging.

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Through Critical Distance, I’ve learned about games and sex, games and history, games and labor, games and racism, games and bodies, games and narratives, games and aesthetics. Regardless of whether or not games remain a part of my life for years to come, I know the insights of writers featured…

April 17th

…Saudi Arabia Nathan Grayson interviews the founder of a Saudi women-only gaming convention

  • Professional Fake Nerd Girl | Maddy Myers Maddy Myers explores emotional labour, authenticity and the politics of sex work shaming in games.
  • “Meanwhile, women also face social pressure to distance themselves from sex work because Madonna and Whore are the only categories available to them. You’re either a Woman In Games or a Booth Babe, and that’s it! Rather than questioning the division, women just hurry to cast themselves in the Madonna category, which is a lot easier to do if you’re only…