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May 10th

…intricacies. I had exhausted every possible conversation option with all of the people that live there. I wandered around for hours solving puzzles without knowing how they would add to the main story. I was a resident like any other (although it’s possible I was the only one with a purpose). Suffice to say, I lived there.

In a similar vein, Miguel Penabella compares the similar cinematic and writing techniques in The Last of Us and the 1956 John Ford western, The Searchers.

Switching from sight to sound, our own Zolani Stewart hosts this week’s episode of…

August 30th

…it also afforded a consistent, party-centric tone that blended play sessions into as a more holistic festival experience rather than pockets of individual gaming instances. […] [T]he festival catered to a variety of gaming interests without having to go the “white cube” route of homogenized presentation.

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Interested in more? The latest issue of Arcade Review, brought to you by our own Zolani Stewart and Lana Polansky, is now live for your consumption.

Unwinnable Weekly remains the most compelling weekly periodical in games, and this week’s cover story about a couple’s relationship strained by an…

This Year In Videogame Blogging: 2015

…of the Round Table Mark Filipowich wrote about several videogame cities and the novel Thirteen Cents.

One of our weekend contributors, Riley MacLeod, looked at the different type of masculinity exemplified by stealth game protagonists and how it feels more relatable to him. Fellow weekend contributor Zolani Stewart continues his establishment of Sonic Studies with an essay on the Dreamcast’s Sonic Adventure so comprehensive it was broken into three parts.

And finally, per our usual tradition, our senior curator has chosen one piece written by the moderator of our Critical Distance Confab podcast and these end-of-the-year features, Eric…

May 22nd

…is most important that this world is believable. There need to be interesting decisions which result in real consequences.”

And that’s the end of the roundup! Some final personal plugs and notes:

  • Cities of Dust and Light | The Towner A piece of mine was published in a magazine about cities and culture this week. I’m very proud of it and I hope that you consider taking a look, even though it wouldn’t be right for me to include it in the roundup proper.
  • We’ve launched a Kickstarter | The Arcade Review Zolani Stewart has…

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October 12

…us, in the blogging community, stand with you, and are dedicated to your well being, and your right to practice your craft safely and reasonably. You deserve better than what this industry gives you.

(Zolani’s sentiments are echoed by all of us here at Critical Distance. It has not been said often enough: we would not contribute to this site if we were not squarely focused on promoting the voices of the disenfranchised and creating safer spaces for everyone in games writing and discourse. We denounce harassment in all its forms. –KL)

So with that, let’s start on…

August 17th

Hello everyone! This week is loaded to the brim with writing and criticism of all kinds, so let’s get to it. It’s This Week in Videogame Blogging!


I want to start with the surge of video criticism that’s been emerging lately.

Brendan Keogh has been looking at the first Modern Warfare title, showing us how the old blockbuster is more interesting than it seems on first glance. Stephen Beirne reflects on the act of interpretation and value while drawing a pretty picture.

Jody Macgregor has a critical Let’s Play series of the first Thief,

November 24th

Hello everyone! Welcome to This Week in Videogame Blogging! Let’s get started.


In The New Yorker, Ben McGrath writes a profile of Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn, professional Starcraft II player and “the most accomplished woman in the young history of electronic sports.”

Some exciting happenings: our own Mark Filipowich is heading a series at Good Games Writing to highlight women writers, scholars, journalists, and critics in gaming. There are already three profiles posted, on Alice Kojiro, Becky Chambers, and Rachel Kowert. Make sure to take a look at their fantastic work!

Ikea Materia


April 19th

Welcome to This Week in Videogame Blogging! There’s a lot of writing this week, let’s go through them.

First, Erik Bigras explores the epistemological boundaries around our concept of a “good” videogame, and Andy Astruc writes of their experience playing Skyrim’s “Live Another Life” mod with their own roleplaying rules.

Gita Jackson looks at the tough and practical attire of Resident Evil’s Claire Redfield, and gives tips on how you can emulate her look. Sarah Nixon takes a closer look at the Romance options in Harvest Moon: Story of Seasons. And novelist Moira Katson documents their experience