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A mini reading list for International Women’s Day

…Black Woman as Villain in The Division: Examining the Investment in the White Savior Industrial Complex Kishonna Gray reports on her activities counting the number of women of color in positions of power and control in video games.

  • Professional Fake Nerd Girl — Maddy Myers Maddy Myers explores emotional labour, authenticity and the politics of sex work shaming in games.
  • Meanwhile, women also face social pressure to distance themselves from sex work because Madonna and Whore are the only categories available to them. You’re either a Woman In Games or a Booth Babe, and that’s it!…

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    March 26th

    …children, body horror, and sexual assault. I’ve read the warning, show me the content

    • Sex Workers and Video Games – First Person Scholar To open this section with something more broadly about the poor treatment of women’s bodies in games, Kaeleigh Evans and Emma Tarver present their research findings on the exploitation of images of sex workers as narrative devices.
    • Late Night Ponderings: Horror Games Vs Horror Elements – YouTube How might we understand what makes an ordeal into a horror? Red Angel sets out genre boundaries, arguing that it is helplessness that defines horror.
    • Horror

    ReadySet Zam archive—for-better-and-for-worse—season-6-episode-3-oathbreaker—season-6-episode-2-home—season-6-premiere-castle-back-to-black

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    October 14th

    …this week with articles that look at language, queer masculine sexuality, and accessibility.

    • [Yells in Foreign Language] | Unwinnable David Shimomura weighs the cultural implications inherent to the choice between dubbing and subbing a foreign-language game.
    • Gamasutra: Daniel St Germain’s Blog – LEVY: Designing for Accessibility_03 Daniel St Germain offers a brief but illuminating breakdown of the the design goals and challenges of accommodating sighted and non-sighted players alike in LEVY.
    • Strange Flesh Is Like Streets Of Rage With Much More Sex | Kotaku Kate Gray profiles a retro beat-em-up that engages squarely with queer masculine

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    This Year In Videogame Blogging: 2018

    …away. This was long before the studio’s closure.

  • Inside The Culture Of Sexism At Riot Games | Kotaku – Cecilia D’Anastasio More in-depth reporting about a company creating a hostile work environment, this time by Cecilia D’Anastasio about Riot Games. The report talks with 28 current and former Riot employees about the studio’s culture of sexism.
  • Injured Sovereigns, Foucault, and Jessica Price | MSSV – Adrian Hon Taking a more philosophical approach as to why companies and gamers behave the way they do, Adrian Hon invokes Foucault to analyze how Jessica Price’s tweets weren’t about being “rude” but…
  • June 9th

    …with both single-game and industry-wide perspectives accounted for.

    • Anita Sarkeesian: “No more excuses for the lack of women at E3” | Anita Sarkeesian, interviewed by James Batchelor, explains why it matters to hold E3 accountable for its lack of feminine representation in games.
    • Hardcoded Has the Trans Representation We Need in Adult Games | Fanbyte Ana Valens highlights the need for more trans representation and sex positivity in games and in porn by showcasing a successful example of both.

    “It’s not just a porn game for trans women. It’s unafraid to embrace the

    September 29th

    …and motorcycle-driven in games.

  • Meet Virtual Mate, the Porn Game With a $30,000 Crowdfund | Daily Dot Ana Valens examines the latest in sex tech and finds it representative of its industry: technologically impressive, and overwhelmingly cis, het, white, and masculine-focused.
  • “Virtual Mate is a turning point in sex tech, but it’s also a reflection of its biggest problem: The industry is dominated by white, straight, cisgender men. The Virtual Mate’s marketing copy says it’s “designed for male users” with a “female-user version” in development, implying masturbation sleeve users are entirely “male.” Trans women and gender…

    June 28th

    …at Critical Distance, you ask? The secret, dear reader, is that here every month is Wrath Month. Here are ten cool pieces this week centering queer voices, ideas, perspectives.

    • Pride Week: Towards more speculative sex • Sharang Biswas ponders normalization of more kinds of sex and representations thereof, in games and beyond.
    • The Queer Potentiality of Suikoden – Insert Cartridge – Medium Charles Payseur seeks queer possibilities among the 108 Stars.
    • Pride Week: LGBT+ streamers and the importance of communities • Ed Nightingale chats with Tanya DePass about some patently non-shitty people you might

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    Dragon Age II

    …II treats city elves as something of a sex class by default. Davis doesn’t take issue with the fact that they’re sexual creatures, but in how they’re handled — they are seemingly meant to be insightful critiques of the problems they represent while also being sometimes used in the exact problematic way that’s being critiqued. Katherine Cross makes a series of similar points about sex workers in the game at The Border House.

    We need to talk about Anders

    More so than any other character in Dragon Age II, Anders represents an important keystone. Arguably, he represents the…

    February 28th

    …game, a play is an intricately planned, live, continuous experience, full of hundreds of unseen moving parts. Each show follows the same script, but no two performances are the same. There’s a million spanners that might clog up works.”

    Critical Chaser

    Good night.

    • THE FIVE WORST GAMES TO HAVE SEX IN – DEEP HELL Skeleton, in what I interpret as being as much an act of restraint as technicality, only put one David Cage game on this list.

    “The neon-future of pan galactic boning is that even the whole species dedicated to…