Episode 3 – Showing, Telling, Performing Narrative

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It has arrived! Episode 3 of the CDC Podcast. This week we discuss the approaches to videogame narrative, specifically the differences between showing and telling narrative in games. We have a very special international cast this week. So sit back and enjoy as once again we interrogate game narrative, go off on an array of tangents, and eventually come back to the question of “show and tell.” Feel free to leave us feedback on the Critical-Distance comments thread and continue the discussion on IRC. That is the freenode.net server, the room is #GBConfab.

The Cast:
D. Murray: http://www.graduateschoolgamer.com
Erik Hanson: http://www.elementsofmeaning.blogspot.com
Justin Keverne: http://gropingtheelephant.com
Arthur Tellurian: http://tellurianspetshop.wordpress.com
Eric Swain: http://www.thegamecritique.com

Show Notes:
Corvus Elrod’s article on “Show & Tell”
Ken Levine’s GDC 2008 Keynote

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