Where to Pitch

Writers who are just getting started often ask us where they should go to pitch or publish their first piece. Below is a list of games-focused and games-inclusive publications which welcome unsolicited pitches.

Please note: some of these publications are paid; some are not. You should always check the original site and email its submission editor (or other relevant point of contact) regarding payment prior to submitting.

ZEAL: Games criticism site featuring long-form writing on games not generally covered by other venues. Contact: Aevee Bee.

Play the Past: Blog focused on representations of history in games. Contact: Trevor Owens and Shawn Graham.

Thumbsticks mixes consumer-focused coverage with in-depth features and regular columns, and is always open for pitches. Contact: editors.

PC Gamer Indie: Indie game focused subsection of PC Gamer, accepts features. Contact: Jody MacGregor.

Publications in and adjacent to academic writing on games are a good place to find a wider audience for research and essays.

First Person Scholar: Academically-focused games criticism site that welcomes features, book reviews, series pitches. Contact: Steve Wilcox.

Journal of Games Criticism: Scholarly journal. Welcomes articles and book reviews. Contact: Nicholas Hanford.

Press Start: Peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to game studies. Welcomes essays, research papers, and other work from current/recent academics of all levels and multiple disciplines. Contact: Matthew Barr.

Memory Insufficient: Online publication on game design history and digital material culture, founded by Critical Distance’s Third Senior Curator. Contact: Zoya Street.

Ontological Geek: Semi-scholarly pop culture site with regular games coverage. Contact: Odile Strik.

These are some outlets that have done a good job of nurturing people new to games writing.

Haywire Magazine: Games criticism site intended to help new writers. Contact: Taylor Hidalgo.

Into the Spine: Indies-focused publication geared toward newer writers. Contact: Diego Arguello.

If you want your writing to reach developers, or you are a developer yourself, these are good places to try.

Gamasutra Member Blogs: Developer-focused site with free blog community. Well-written blogs are often promoted on Gamasutra’s front page. Contact: Kristian Graft (blogs), Alex Wawro (articles).

Postmortem: Games-inclusive quarterly magazine showcasing creator retrospectives on their own projects. Contact: editors.

This is a small selection of the feminist or queer-oriented websites on gaming that accept pitches.

electro bureau: Quarterly e-zine focused on personal stories by queer and otherwise marginalized voices. Contact: editors.

Videodame: Feature pitches up to 250 words. Contact: Sara Clemens.

E-zines capture the design and sense of wholeness of a magazine, in digital form.

Five out of Ten: Themed e-zine featuring short- to mid-length articles. Contact: Alan Williamson.

ME&R: Quarterly e-zine focused on indie and altgames. Contact: editors.

Unwinnable: General games culture and geekery site, welcomes pitches for its web component as well as its monthly e-zine. Contact: editors.

Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games (SPAG): Quarterly e-zine with an emphasis on Interactive Fiction (IF). Welcomes articles, interviews, reviews. Contact: editors.

Many general-interest outlets have thriving games subsections.

Vice Games: Gaming subsection of Vice magazine. Contact: Jason Koebler.

Glixel: Gaming website founded by owners of Rolling Stone. Contact: editors.

Paste: General interest pop culture site with a games subsection. Contact: Garrett Martin.

You may also want to consider opportunities to give public talks.

Videobrains: UK-based video symposiums and microtalks, currently accepting feature pitches. Contact: Jake Tucker.

This is an open list sourced from the community. If you are an editor and would like to see your site added to this list, or would like to make corrections to an existing listing, please drop us a line!