Now Accepting Submissions for TYIVGB 2011 Edition

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Last year I pulled off, largely in secret, Critical-Distance’s first This Year In Video Game Blogging feature looking back at the best the year had to offer. I remember that time and the pain it caused. So I’m not doing that again this year, instead I’m telling you up front we’re going to be crowd sourcing This Year In Video Game Blogging  to help alleviate the burden. That means we need you, readers at home, to join in!

There are some limitations: This is the best of the best for the whole year, so we are looking for pieces that fit some or all of the criteria below.

1. Any piece of writing that really sticks out in your mind. Something that weeks, even months after it’s published stays with you because it was influential or important. Pieces that get cited to this day. Examples from previous years include:

  • Ludonarrative Dissonance by Clint Hocking (’07)
  • Taxonomy of Gamers by Mitch Krapta (’08)
  • Permanent Death by Ben Abraham (’09)
  • No Cheering in the Pressbox by A.J. Glasser (’10)

2. Any pieces that are an excellent example of a larger trends within the conversation from critical community surrounding the big games of the year. Last year the big talked about games were with extensive conversations around them were Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2, Bayonetta and Mass Effect 2. This year we want example pieces highlighting the discussion around that took place around the games this year.

3. The best pieces from some important bloggers or sites that stood out this year. These are the pieces that highlight the critics’ writing that did worthwhile work throughout the year.

4. Any excellent pieces pertaining to gaming culture that highlights a particular conversation had this year. Large compilation pieces, for example, or the Ebert Response from last year.

5. Any pieces that are simply great pieces of exceptionally beautiful writing about games.

These are just rough guidelines to what we are looking for. We would prefer if you would email these links to us, but if you do send them via twitter let us know these are for the Yearly Roundup. Take your time and send us your favorites this year, and if remember any additions later you can always send through another email. And if you could include one or two lines about why you think the piece should be included that would help up greatly. The only deadline is Midnight December 25th Eastern Standard Time.

Thank you one and all for reading and whatever suggestions you send in. I’ll be disappearing into my hovel to reading through a lot of criticism now.