You Can Now Directly Support Critical Distance

Hello, Critical Distance readers!

I’m pleased to announce that as of today, you can directly lend your support to Critical Distance through our Patreon page.

Critical Distance has existed as a free publication since its inception in 2009. On a weekly basis we have brought to you dozens of links to the most interesting writing and commentary about games around the web, entirely through the efforts of our hard-working volunteers.

Now, in addition to maintaining that tradition, we want to turn C-D into the definitive archival resource for writing about games. We have been working on a wiki for several months which is almost ready to launch, and have plans outlined for several projects, including a cross-referenced tagging system, a job board, and even a print anthology. But to get anywhere with any of these ideas, we need your help.

The goal of our Patreon page is twofold. First, it is to ensure that I can commit full-time as the senior editor of the site. I’ll then be able to start bringing in people to expand Critical Distance’s horizons and launch a full-on, archival effort — one which can properly compensate everyone for the time they put in.

We will soon be setting up a Supporters Page to thank all of our contributors. Please help us make this site as great as it can be by visiting our Patreon page and clicking the ‘Become a Patron’ button. You can even earn exclusive cat pictures!

Whether you join us as a patron or just signal-boost the link among your peers, we thank you from the bottom of our cybernetic hearts for your support! Thank you!