Minisode 01 – Cyberpunk and Personal Stories

Welcome to the first Critical Distance Confab minisode!

We’re trying something new with the podcast. There are so many games coming out at every level, everyday. So many of them fall through the cracks for one reason or another. Everybody has asked themselves the question, “How did this game not get talked about? How is there no criticism on it?” We are a curatorial site. As curators we see the conversations that happen and as individuals often the conversations that do not happen.

In an effort to combat this in our own small little way, we have decided to do a series of minisodes, on a trial run, that will specifically highlight those games that fell through the cracks. Every month, one guest and I will list off three games, each in hopes that the critical community sees them, tries them and maybe write about them, giving them the criticism we think they deserve. Anything goes. They can be anything from art games to prestige indie games to missed AAA titles, just so long as they are games that missed the boat for one reason or another.

This month’s guest is Polygon Senior Editor, Danielle Riendeau. Take a listen!

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Danielle’s Picks

Dyscourse – Owlchemy Labs

Disorder – Swagabyte Games

VA-11 HALL-A – Sukeban Games

Eric’s Picks

Journal – Locked Door Puzzle

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut – Harebrained Schemes

Beneath Floes – Kevin Snow + Patrick Bonaduce

Opening Theme: ‘Close’ by The Alpha Conspiracy

Closing Theme: ‘Wishing Never’ by The Alpha Conspiracy