Minisode 02 – Interactive Fiction and Object Toys

Welcome to a new minisode of the Critical Distance Confab.

In case you are just joining us or need a refresher, we here at Critical Distance are trying something new with a series of podcast minisodes. Here, each month, myself and a guest, will list off a number of games, aiming for a minimum of three each, that have not gotten the spotlight we feel they deserve. These are games that haven’t gotten any criticism or otherwise aren’t part of the conversation for whatever reason and we think they should be, even if just a little. These can be anything from art games to prestige indie titles to AAAs that have fallen through the cracks.

This month’s guest is editor-in-chief of Silverstring Media’s critical publishing arm, Zoya Street. Zoya is the author of two seminal books on games, Dreamcast Worlds and Delay, and is the founder of the wonderful free e-zine, Memory Insufficient.

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Zoya’s Picks

Say When by Kaitlin Tremblay + Emilie Majarian

CHYRZASunset Spirit Steel by Kitty Horrorshow

Brick BlockIslandProcedural planet customiser by Oskar Stålberg

Eric’s Picks

The Fall by Over the Moon

Life Flashes ByCoffee: A MisunderstandingDominique Pamplemousse by Deirdra Kiai aka Squinky

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! by inkle Studios

Opening Theme: ‘Close’ by The Alpha Conspiracy

Closing Theme: ‘Wishing Never’ by The Alpha Conspiracy