Call for Feature Pitches

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Hey folks! After some delays, we’re excited to reopen our call for pitches for two of our popular recurring features: Spotlights and Critical Compilations!

Spotlights focus on particular writers, themes, or aspects of design, such as Hamish Todd’s guest feature on level design analysis. Critical Compilations are specific to particular titles and seek to cover the breadth of critical blogging, vlogging, podcasting, etc about their subject, such as Rollin Bishop’s compilation on Dragon Age II.

As a reminder, these are paid features, not volunteer submissions. Accepted pitches will be paid a flat rate upon publication and our feature spots are open to all writers, whether you’ve contributed to Critical Distance in the past or not. Those interested in pitching for one of these two formats are encouraged to submit their pitches by email.

The deadline for pitches is August 1st. All submissions will be reviewed by our senior curator and our advisory board, after which accepted authors will be contacted via email.

These features are made possible thanks to our generous Patreon supporters! If you want to help fund this and future features at Critical Distance, consider signing up for a small monthly donation!