August 2015: ‘Nostalgia’

Could it be that it’s been a whole year since BoRT pioneer Alan Williamson descended into a vat of liquid steel, leaving Lindsey Joyce and I with but a thumbs up and a word of encouragement as we carried his legacy forward? Yes, it’s been an excellent year of round table blogging and I am always happy to see what new work we can share with you, our readers. But with our BoRT-versary upon us, I decided to look back at some of Alan’s old topics that never found the right occasion to launch and chose ‘Nostalgia’ as simply too appropriate to let sit any longer:

Games are often talked about as a young medium, but that doesn’t prevent players from valuing the memories they’ve made from them. Games are old enough to be in the background of a whole generation’s upbringing and we want to know what you think about that. Do gamers look back on yesteryear with rose coloured glasses? Or were there some good ol’ days that gaming should harken back to? Do you keep your old consoles to recapture the magic of lower bit eras or is the past weighing down the possibilities for fresh new ideas? We want to hear about your personal stories of old games and how they shape you as a player, a writer, a developer, a scholar or just as a person. If you grew up with games we want to know about how you thought of them when you were young and if you took to them as an adult we want to know how they appear without that background.

Don’t get too caught up in looking back, though, because the future is looming, and after August 31st it will be time for a whole new BoRT topic. You can see your submissions as they come in right here:

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Rules of the Round Table

  • Blogs of the Round Table is not curated. If you write it, we’ll publish it, as long as it’s connected to the topic and has been written specially for BoRT or up to one month prior.
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  • If your work contains potentially disturbing content, please include a suitable warning at the start. Use your common sense.
  • You can submit as many articles as you like throughout the month, and it doesn’t matter if they are commercially published, paywalled or available for free. We will need a transcript for paywalled content to be approved.