Minisode 11 – Grab Bag of Games

A fistful of games on the Critical Distance Confab.

These minisodes highlight games that haven’t received a lot of critical attention, in the hope that one of you intrepid listeners will try one of them out and correct that oversight. The games we talk about range from art games, to prestige level indie games, right on through AAA games that might have slipped through the cracks.

Co-hosting with me this month is editor of CreativeFluff, Fred McCoy.

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Fred’s Picks

Salt by Lavaboots Studios

Choice of Robots by Choice of Games

Kingdom by Noio, Licorice

Eric’s Pick

Hotel Dusk Room 215 by Nintendo

Gathering Sky by A Stranger Gravity

Shadowrun Hong Kong by Harebrained Studios

Opening Theme: ‘Close’ by The Alpha Conspiracy

Closing Theme: ‘Wishing Never’ by The Alpha Conspiracy