Episode 35 – Camp’s Signal

Welcome to another interview on the Critical Distance Confab!

This month our guest is Chris Franklin, aka Campster, talking about his YouTube series Errant Signal. Over time, he has innovated on an established YouTube format to evolve his own personal style, featuring holistic close readings on games as well as video essays on theoretical concepts. He has also experimented with short form, quick-turnaround content, and he reveals what this experience taught him about criticism and video creation.

During our interview, we talk about his process, the technical challenges he faces in creating a video essay, as well as the “logjam” created by trying to reconcile different facets of his personal approach to criticism.

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Errant Signal


Commentary – Half-Life

Errant Signal – Mirror’s Edge

Errant Signal – The Stanley Parable

Errant Signal – Gamification

Errant Signal – “Keep Your Politics Out of my Video Games”

Errant Signal – Hotline Miami (Spoilers)

Errant Signal – (Spoilers) Fallout 4 and Role Playing

Errant Signal – The Beginner’s Guide (Spoilers)

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Opening Theme: ‘Close’ by The Alpha Conspiracy

Closing Theme: ‘Wishing Never’ by The Alpha Conspiracy