July 2016: ‘Spectacle’

Would you look at this! Come one and all and behold the majesty of another Blogs of the Round Table! In a month of Games Done Quick, the annual Evolution fighting game tournament and the rapid influx of Pokemon Go! postings July has been a month of gaming ‘Spectacle‘:

What is the role of spectacle in games? Is there an experience of public awe that goes into the games you play or design? Are there any games you’d rather watch then play? This month we want to hear about the overblown special effects you can’t help but marvel at, the most hype you’ve been at an esports event, the most ridiculous glitch run that got you into speed running. Tell us the joy that comes from a game as a public spectacle!

Alright, let’s light this fuse. Watch the show as it happens by looking through the link-o-matic 5000!

If you would like your own iframe, just copy-paste this piece of code onto your own site:

<iframe type="text/html" width="600" height="20" src="http://www.tinysubversions.com/bort.html?month=July16" frameborder="0"></iframe>

You may have noticed that our BoRT deadlines have been a little out of whack lately. So even though it means less time to work on your contributions, we’ll accept submissions only until July 31. As always, rules and recommendations are below. Aaaaaaaaaand GO!

Please email us your submissions or tweet them to @thecybersteam or @critdistance with the #BoRT hashtag. Happy blogging!

Suggestions for the Round Table:

  • Blogs of the Round Table is not curated. If you write it, we’ll publish it, as long as it’s connected to the topic and has been written specially for BoRT or up to one month prior.
  • Think of the BoRT topic as a starting point. Connecting your piece to the topic can be as creative as you want. We’re interested in writing about play, so be playful when you approach the round table!
  • This BoRT post is the home of the discussion: as we receive new submission blogs, we’ll update the ‘BoRT Linkomatic 5000’ so new blogs are reflected on this page immediately. We’ll also use the @critdistance Twitter account to post regular updates, so follow us!
  • As a knight of the round table we encourage you to leave a comment on a blog to which you respond with a link to the response piece and give the original writer a ‘right of reply’. Keep the conversation going!
  • If your work contains potentially disturbing content, please include a suitable warning at the start.
  • You can submit as many articles as you like throughout the month, and it doesn’t matter if they are commercially published, paywalled or available for free but we will need a transcript for paywalled content to be approved.