Episode 38 – The Spawn of History

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We are back with another interview on the Critical Distance Confab! This month we are joined by Bob Whitaker, associate professor in Modern History at Louisiana Tech University and founder of History Respawned.

In 2013, he started the YouTube channel by looking at video games from a historical perspective. Not content to focus only on games portraying histories within his wheelhouse, he soon began bringing on other scholars to share their expert insights into the histories portrayed in games. In the process, he has brought their knowledge to a wider audience, beyond the confines of the academy. We talk about the insular nature of academia, the challenges of getting guests to come on to the show, as well as looking to the future of history-based games.


History Respawned YouTube Channel

History Respawned: Assassin’s Creed IV

History Respawned: Diablo III

History Respawned: Valiant Hearts

History Respawned: Bioshock Infinite and the Boxer Uprising

History Respawned: Uncharted 4

Backwards Compatible: Gamers as a Public History Audience

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