Episode 39 – This is Innuendo Studios

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Somewhat late, we present this month’s interview of the Critical Distance Confab! I interview Ian Danskin of the Innuendo Studios YouTube channel.

In 2014, Ian Danskin made his first YouTube video about celebrity in internet culture: ‘This is Phil Fish, and what that means’. He expected to gain a few views from this first foray, merely hoping that he would build his audience over time. Things did not work out that way. ‘This is Phil Fish’ went viral, and is to date his most-viewed video by a wide margin. Since then, he’s mostly trekked his own path and talked about whatever interested him. Our conversation covers a handful of those interests: the joy of adventure games; the challenge of discussing theory, when your knowledge was mostly self taught; and how the virality of YouTube videos relates to the difficult task of discovering what an audience is looking for.


Innuendo Studios YouTube Channel

This is Phil Fish

Why Are You So Angry?

Who Shot Guybrush Threepwood?

Things of Beauty: Super Smash Bros. as Spectator Sport

Story Beats: Ben There, Dan That

The Artist is Absent: Davey Wreden and The Beginner’s Guide

It’s Not Easy Being Blue

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