May Roundup: Responsibility

I feel like the world asked a lot of us this past month. Responsibilities come in all sorts, and sometimes they can catch us when we’re least prepared for them. All the same, we soldier on as best we can. This past month, we’ve had a pair of contributions on the nature of play and responsibility in the Blogs of the Round Table.


Dan Lipson

Forza Horizon 3 is Constantly Trying to Impress

Kicking us off this month is Dan Lipson, who takes a look at Forza Horizon 3’s strange habit of giving the players all of the perks and accolades of an accomplished superstar racing driver, but never come with the associated responsibilities of stardom or victory. This strange sequence leaves Horizon 3 feeling a little disjointed, making players the lords of the land by divine right, rather than by their actions.

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Taylor Hidalgo

Better Than We Found It

I jump in this month as well, on The Thesaurus Rex, to talk about how games communities also have a responsibility to the culture we create, and recognize that the things we do and think reflect on how games come to be. Perhaps the last one of us out for the night should sweep and get the lights, and take responsibility for the culture we’re creating.

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Pretty quiet month this month, all told. But, despite the relative quietness, thanks for tuning in to The Blogs of the Round Table. As always, hang around after the credits for the stinger and catch next month’s topic as it arrives.

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