January Roundup: Novelty

New years’ month is always a little unsettling in how quickly it seems to go. The cold weather is overstaying its welcome, but the days seem to slip away without much regard for productivity. Surprisingly brief, then, is the second theme to this month’s Novelty. It’ll be quick, so let’s strap in for the Blogs of the Round Table!

David Shinamura

An Exercise in Being Prey

Over on Unwinnable, David Shinamura explores how a new approach to zombies makes an old, and admittedly tired, villain and gives it a new approach in the catalog of videogame antagonism.

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Heather Alexandra

How Yakuza’s City Changes from Game to Game

Article contains spoilers for the Yakuza series.

Life isn’t static, and though we often don’t think of changes much as they happen, our living areas grow, change, shift, and become routine over years. Heather Alexandra explores how the fictional city of Kamurocho evolves over the space of many years throughout the Yakuza games, and how the changes illustrate a growth rarely show.

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And, all too quickly, this marks the end of this roundup. I hope you found something new to love in this Blogs of the Round Table.

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