Here Comes a New Challenger!

Hello! I’m Chris Lawrence, and I am excited to announce that as of this week, I am joining the team as incoming Senior Curator for Critical Distance. You may know me from my ongoing work as Commentaries Editor for First Person Scholar, a middle-state, student-run publication of weekly games scholarship. The team at FPS are longtime fans of Critical Distance and its ongoing mission to make critical writing on games accessible, interdisciplinary, diverse, and visible, and I’m incredibly stoked to be a part of that mission going forward.

The outstanding (and very, very patient, trust me on this) Zoyander Street remains on the Board of Directors for Critical Distance as Director of Content, and is also doing double-duty as my low-key sith master as I learn the role. He is leaving the role of Senior Curator to focus more attention on other projects, including a series of lo-fi interactive documentaries about trans people. Sign up for his mailing list here!

There’s one last item I’d like to address here, and it’s an important one. Recent changes have hit our Patreon hard, so if you want to help further our project, as well as the new and exciting things we have in store, please consider supporting us.

That’s it for now. I’m looking forward to sharing all kinds of awesome writing on games with you!