Call for Submissions: This Year in Videogame Blogging 2023

Hello! This is a post to announce that Critical Distance is already compiling its annual This Year in Videogame Blogging roundup! We’ve decided, due to the shaky and fractured social media landscape we now inhabit, to push our usual call for submissions ahead by two weeks and give folks ample time to send in their favorite games criticism highlights from the past year. The deadline and methods of submission will still be the same as usual, but we’ll get to all that at the end of the post. Here’s what you need to know about submissions:

What Qualifies

  • Games criticism, analysis, commentary, etc which was first published in some form in 2023.
  • Works on videogames, computer games, interactive fiction, board games, tabletop, word games, card games, literally any kind of game.
  • Written works.
  • Audio works (must have transcript available).
  • Video works (must have transcript available).
  • Works not in English (must have an English-language summary available).
  • Things we have previously featured on TWIVGB.
  • Things we have not previously featured on TWIVGB.

What Does Not Qualify

  • Works first published before 2023.
  • Works that don’t have anything substantially to do with games.
  • Works that are not web-hosted and open-access.
  • Anything which violates our inclusivity statement.

Our Senior Curator and contributors all work diligently to collect and present the best writing about games each week, but that doesn’t mean we catch everything! The state of social media is another complicating factor, as typical mainstays like Twitter and Facebook have gradually (or not-so-gradually) lost their utility when it comes to finding hidden or obscured gems, and newer sites may not yet have the discoverability tools or user base to compensate. That’s where you come in! If you have a piece you think is a must-read, by all means send it our way!

To submit, simply shoot us an email, reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, Bluesky or Mastodon (use the tag #TYIVGB if you want your submission to be considered), send us an ask on Cohost, or join our Discord server! The deadline for submissions is Midnight, Pacific Time, December 25th.