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February 16th

…and don’t tell them otherwise. Like Kane, they’re sitting in their opera box, doggedly clapping to drown out the lukewarm applause.

A Flap in a Pan

The Flappy Bird debacle continues, drawing a wealth of incisive responses from around the web.

Developer and educator Robert Yang notes the racist undertones to the internet’s reception of Flappy Bird and its Southeast Asian developer. Elsewhere, Mattie Brice criticizes the game’s negative backlash as necessarily holding up a capitalist status quo:

Capitalism is informing what creations are considered good and of value, and what are bad form and derivative. Gamers and others see…

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This Year in Videogame Blogging: 2014

…affair and one of the game’s more successful clones, 2048. The developer, meanwhile, felt compelled to publish their emails entailing the entire design process to deflect accusations theirs was the clone in this situation.

There was a great deal of coverage on Flappy Bird, not all of it competently researched or presented. In a bid to counter this trend, developer and game design educator Robert Yang attempted to frame the Flappy Bird affair in its correct context.

Also touching upon the game, Brendan Keogh lamented the constant push for innovation while ignoring a game that just manages to do something…

What has been written about the first endless runners?

…remarkably similar to the 2012 hit endless runner Jetpack Joyride, while the focus on avoiding obstacles rather than gathering coins gives it a Flappy Bird feel.

  • SFCave : Yohei Iwasaki : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive dates SFCave back to a 1995 version for Windows 3.1.

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This post is part of a new series that we’re calling ‘Agony Auncle’ – it’s like an advice column,…

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February 9th

…on games entering the public domain at a much younger age than is currently the case. It stirred quite a bit of discussion, notably this counterpoint from Fullbright’s Steve Gaynor centring on the economy of work above its culture. David Carlton rejoins that the hard nature of videogames doesn’t lend itself well to Gaynor’s music industry analogy.

Amanda Lange briefly outlines the four factors megahits like Flappy Bird have in common. In a delightfully cheeky vein, Peter Norberg from Hellhound Interactive reviewed the services provided by sites exchanging in paid reviews, “to let you know what you get for your…

June 15th

…glitches against a speedrunner’s exploitation of glitches to promote speed. He concludes that while neither is the “common player,” both have intimate knowledge of the game’s systems.

Elsewhere, Zach Alexander compares Flappy Bird and Threes and the opportunities their developers were provided to talk about their games and how those games were received and critiqued by players. Alexander argues that perspective is paramount in how we talk about and villainize game clones, and states:

The label of “clone” is subject to things other than passionless examinations of precise details. It is influenced by the surrounding culture. The next time we

Episode 21 – Actually, It’s About…2014

It’s that time again, the end of the year is upon us. Rather than exhaustively go over everything of note that happened in 2014, instead we more skim over several various broad topics of interest. 2014 hasn’t been a pleasant year overall, but in the spirit of gladder tidings we decided to focus as much as we can on better things.

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Alan Williamson: Five out of Ten

Lana Polansky: Sufficiently Human


Flappy Bird is Making $50,000 A Day on Mario-Like Art

You Are Mountain


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