Kill Screen archive

This is currently pretty rough, but the hope is that this archive captures most of the in-depth writing done on Killscreen over its history up to 2017. We’d value any offers of help breaking this list down, e.g. by year, and even adding extra data such as author names and correct titles.

This page was created in early 2017 after institutional and infrastructural instability created some concern among games critics over Kill Screen’s future, as its archives became inaccessible for an extended period of time. The aim is to provide a backup if and when Kill Screen goes down again in the future, so that the significant work done there can still be accessed.

This archiving is achieved using Amber. If a page is down, a tooltip will provide a link to our backup instead. If a page is not down, you won’t see the tooltip. In all cases, the text link will just lead to the Kill Screen url as normal. It may take some time for the plugin to recognise that the site is down and start showing the tooltip – we’re currently researching how long the delay is and how we might be able to make it shorter.

Standalone requests

These articles have been recommended to us for archiving. If you would like to request that we archive some specific articles not already listed here, contact us with urls!

All articles tagged “feature”

In an attempt to capture most of the in-depth writing published, we’ve automatically archived everything tagged “feature”. Many thanks to Alexander Young for help generating this list.