December Supplemental

Due to holidays, travel and work commitments, I haven’t been present for much of the online goings-on of the past week or so. In lieu of a proper TWIVGB last week, here’s a mid-week supplemental edition with the caveat that I haven’t read or even necessarily checked to see that they’re all in English. We are in the collective hands of anyone and everyone who has emailed, twittered and sent in links over the past two weeks.

Gerard Delaney points out an excellent post over at BitMob, about Storytelling.

David Carlton recommends: Dan C’s post “Game Design as Government”.

Lyndon Warren suggests this opinion piece by Christian Ward of The Escapist is worth reading: it’s called “Going Gold – practicalities makes perfect”.

In the emails, Aaron Sexton lets us know that he’s written something about Modern Warfare 2. Brian Longtin is also writing about MW2, calling it the ‘Most Right-Wing Game of the Decade’.

Mike Hanus has started a blog and wants you to know about it: “Cue Explosion”. Grayson Davis has done the same, with ‘Beeps and Boops’.

Jason Killingsworth dropped us a line to let us know that Paste Magazine is now running a gaming column called “Start Press” the first entry being “Hey Mr. DJ” about DJ Hero. I played DJ Hero while on my coastal holiday. I think it’s telling that we gave up and went back to Guitar Hero 3, but Killingsworth might disagree.

Jun Shen Chia responds to Trenk Polack’s ‘Ode to Far Cry 2’ and my own epic novel ‘Permanent Death’, by looking at all the things worth criticising about Far Cry 2.

With readers like ours, we’re in safe hands.

A reminder that for all TWIVGB posts (except for last week, which was an accident) on Critical Distance comments are turned off by default to encourage discussion on the original entries, and we can always be reached via the contact page.