Another week, another Week In Videogame Blogging.

This week, Tim Rogers published a multi-part Gonzo style documentary of GDC wherein he spends a week with Bob of ‘Bobs Game’ fame. Your mileage may vary, but there were some interesting sections and it’s certainly a unique take on the GDC experience.

Another big long piece with Tom Bissell’s Observer piece on Videogames, Cocaine and addiction, which is simply stunning. One of my PhD supervisors actually emailed me to ask if I’d read it, so know that it’s certainly making the rounds, and with good reason.

Trent Polack writes on his blog Polycat about ‘The caged destruction of Bad Company 2’ [mirror]. It’s a game I’ve been enjoying this past week as well.

Jorge Albor writes about ‘Controlling emotions in Heavy Rain on the Experience Points blog, and elsewhere Steven O’Dell continues his ‘Origami Collection’ series he started last week with the newest entry ‘Mundane Magic’.

Chris Breault at the Post-Hype blog writes about ‘Starcraft 2’s Biggest Flaw’, and it’s not that the Protoss are overpowered.

For Ada Lovelace Day this week, the Border House ran a huge selection of essays on and interviews [mirror] with women involved with games and the games industry.

CT Hutt at Press Pause to Reflect talks about how games manage the players level of mental engagement in ‘Playing with your brain’.

Frank Lantz wrote at Game Design Advance about, to quote his tweet, “Jon Blow, Sid Meier, Rob Pardo and truth in game design”, which is to say he skilfully wove a couple of threads together from GDC.

LB Jeffries looks at ‘The Literary Merits of Dante’s Inferno’ for PopMatters.

Michael Abbott at The Brainy Gamer, in a slight departure from his regular writing about videogames, relates a short experiment he conducted with McDonald’s toys for boys and girls, his daughter and finding out which one is more ‘fun’.

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