Hello dearly devoted readers!

I’ve taken the almost unprecedented step of posting a non-TWIVGB post to let you know about some changes that are happening here at Critical Distance. There’s one main thing to appraise you of, and that is that I am handing over weekly TWIVGB duties to the extremely talented and accomplished Kris Ligman, who you’ll know from her own excellent work here and at her blog Dire Critic. Kris has been slowly taking over my role with her own Roundups of Unusual Size (or perhaps more accurately, Roundups of Unusual Regularity and Worth) and it’s one I’m more than happy to hand over to her. In April of next year it will mark three years (Three! Count ’em!) of Critical Distance and in that time I feel I’ve had gotten at least as much from the role of chronicler and collector of great writing and blogging about videogames as I have given.

So I want to thank some people – first, to all my helpers and editors here at CD, both past and present – you’ve been an amazing help, all of you, and a special thanks to Eric Swain for propping me up with his own contributions of links for so long and so tirelessly. Thank you to everyone who ever sent in a link, be it via twitter, email, smoke-signal, telepathy, telegram, or just personally mentioning it to me. And a special thanks to all those people who wrote the amazing pieces we link to every week – you are the real hard workers here, and without you we wouldn’t exist.

Last week’s post will be effectively my last as person-in-charge of TWIVGB – but fear not! – the same great collection of links will still appear every week, but it’ll be headed by Kris, rather than myself. I’m looking forward to whatever direction she chooses to take it in. But I won’t be disappearing either – I’ll be helping her out when she needs a break, or can’t otherwise cover TWIVGB – and in January I’ll be launching a new endeavour for Critical Distance that I think will be a really great community fostering, conversation spurring exercise. But more on that as we get closer to the end of the year. For now, please join me in saying “I for one welcome our new TWIVGB overlord“. Okay your turn…