We Are Hiring a New Senior Curator!

2018 Note: we’re now hiring again! Check out our most recent posting

Hi everyone! Kris here.

As many of you heard just moments ago via our Patreon newsletter, we are putting out an open call for a new Senior Curator. That’s right: my job. I am shifting my role here at Critical Distance to focus more time on our print anthologies, and we are looking for someone to take up lead curatorship in my stead!

This is a paid, part-time contract position. The approximate time commitment will be 10-16 hours per week, usually on the weekends.


  • Handling the majority of our This Week in Videogame Blogging roundups.
  • Preparing the digest editions of these roundups for Gamasutra and Offworld.
  • Performing last-look edits on our other features and for TWIVGBs on weekends they aren’t covering.


  • Familiarity with games and major strands of ongoing discourse (in other words, if you think about writing an essay debating whether Roger Ebert was wrong about games never being art, this position is probably not right for you).
  • A well-rounded understanding of the different types of games writing we tend to feature on these pages, from academia to devlogs and everything (or at least most things) in-between.
  • Able to work with a small team of contributors and foreign language correspondents, sometimes at weird hours.
  • Strong editing skills and the ability to self-edit.

Past experience curating for us is a plus, but not required. As is any foreign language ability!

If you believe this is up your alley, please email us and include your CV/resume, clippings or samples, and a short intro! Be sure to mention in the subject line you are applying for the Senior Curator position.