Our fundraiser has hit its first target!

Yesterday the 2016 Critical Distance fundraiser launched. Our ultimate goal is to hit $3000 by the end of the year, so that we can do more with video, more with podcasts, and bring together writing in languages other than English. Now, 24 hours later, we have already hit our first target: $1300 per month!

At this level we are able to maintain the new features we have put in place this year, including the “Agony Auncle” advice column. Our next target is to reach $1900 per month, and we’re offering some sweet seasonal rewards to people who support us for $10 per month.

Throughout the next month, people in the Critical Distance community will be running regular livestreams. We’ll be showing them as they happen on the fundraiser page. The first livestream is tonight at 8pm PST, with Dante Douglas. Hope to see you in the chat!