Livestream this afternoon featuring indie dev guests

Last night’s first livestream session for the 2016 fundraiser was a great time, with Dante Douglas, Amr Al-Aaser and friends playing co-op games and discussing how indie games have changed over the past ten years. Check out the recording under “archives” on the fundraiser page.

We’ve made progress in the past two days towards our fundraising goals, but there is still a great deal more work to do. Please keep spreading the word; we’re less than $600 away from our next target of $1900 per month!

In just three hours we’ll be starting the next stream session, with Senior Curator Zoyander Street inviting indie dev guests to share their work and talk about their process – including the possibility of a special broadcast from Loren Schmidt as they prepare a gallery show with Visual AIDS, a contemporary arts organization that works to provoke action on HIV/AIDS.

Join us on the fundraiser page from 1pm PST, and please share the link and encourage people to support Critical Distance!