Give the gift of games criticism – final week!

Our 2016 fundraising campaign will wind down on Friday, giving you just a few more days to grab our special seasonal rewards!

Exclusive support

Pledge $10/month to Critical Distance, and you – or someone you care about – will get personal help with your writing from the team at Haywire Magazine! Haywire has been a pillar of the online games criticism community for years now, helping new writers to hone their skills and develop their voice. They’ve very generously offered to give that help for free to anyone who pledges $10/month or more by December 16th.

$10/month pledges also get you a special seasonal e-card, created uniquely for you (or the person you want to give the card to). Each e-card includes a link to a piece of writing we have archived and preserved for posterity. It’s a little sample of the games history that you’ve helped us to preserve, and a great gift to show someone involved in games that you value their work.

In addition, we have a lot of higher reward tiers that get you access to support from the Critical Distance team. These rewards are perfect for games studios and educational institutions, giving you unique new ways to benefit from our years of experience building up a knowledge base about games writing.

Help us to grow

Our current target is to reach $1900/month, which will allow us to expand our features to include curated critical Let’s Play roundups and letter series to put games critics into conversation with one another. Every new pledge makes our position more stable, allowing us to keep preserving games criticism and providing a critical education for free to the communities that have formed around videogames.

To learn more about our rewards, goals, and what drives us to do this work, check out the fundraiser page – and please share it far and wide!