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This week, critics discussed topics such as trans representation and the politics of the undead in horror and strategy games. This week’s roundup starts, however, with writers bearing witness to excellent visual artists.

Box art by the late Bob Wakelin


The passing of a celebrated artist prompts some touching tributes, while one critic highlights the specific role of animation in a dating sim.

“Eyes are an unsung, but hugely important piece of the puzzle, placed on just as high of a pedestal as its art, writing, and voice acting when it comes to characterization.”



Three critics  take detailed, nuanced approaches to looking at gender politics in game communities and narratives.

Genderwrecked broke down murky gender concepts through metaphors and allusions, which can be occasionally enigmatic but are almost always relatable.”


From cuddles to capitalism to living corpses, four articles examine the modes of being evoked by interactive systems.

“And when the final walls do fall—and they do, often—I cannot help but think there is a relief in that. The tension breaks, and the horde consumes all I have made.”


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