Zoya is 20,000 ft in the air on a plane flight at the moment, so you’re stuck with me as your stand in for this week. This is This Week In Videogame Blogging!


Videogames are once again the ever present deflection of the disingenuous gun industry and their bought and paid for politicians. However, this isn’t 1998, and the critics are taking a good look at games’ own relationship with guns.

Industry Issues, Unionization and GDC

This week was GDC and a perfect storm of more stories of poor development practices coming to light, strong calls for developers to unionize and tone deaf defenses of the status quo.

Reflections on the Past

A number of pieces this week looked to the past to better understand the present day, whether they were specific events, ideas from old posts or the concept of the past itself.

“I thought I’d take a different tack with this followup post and do a kind of ‘New Games Journalism reader’ – an overview of why I think these pieces are important and worthy of attention, and why they do much more than simply attach a personal reading to a nostalgic relationship to a game. I think in each of these works what they say about the game has greater meaning and greater value by virtue of the author wrapping themselves up personally in the writing. The personal experience that threads through the text is not indulgent – it is fundamentally illuminating with regards to the themes and systems and meaning of the games they discuss.”

Depression and Mental Illness

These pieces looked at video game and how they articulate mental illness and depression showing it as more than a stereotype and how it affects the player.

Video Game Silliness

On a lighter note…

Genre Considerations

And finally a collection of pieces that center their critique around the specifics of a work’s genre.


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