Welcome again, readers.

On this edge of the world we’re entering the last warm days before torpor. My houseplant collection seems to be growing at an alarming rate, beyond my input or intention. Also, there were many fine video essays to watch in February – thank you to the many recommenders.

Around the site, there’s a new ep of Keywords in Play! Also – the List Jam roundup is live! It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

This Month in Videogame Vlogging is a roundup of the best vods about videogames from the previous calendar month.

The Fluid Zone

These essayists each considered the way identities are variously performed and constructed, for better or worse, in videogame communities.

Real Reflections

The extent to which elements of particular videogames seem true to life thematically ties this trio of thoughtful video essays.

“In Death Stranding, America cannot fail its citizens – it can only be failed by them.”

On Phones

After over a year of this column (ignoring? missing? discounting?) avoiding nearly all phone games discourse, here are two pieces that are about phones and games.

Good Good Great

Finally, we finish February with a suite of paeans singing the praises of various games and genres, all trying to understand, at the bottom of everything: what makes it good?


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