Hello readers,

Another month has passed on the Gregorian calendar, sending with it another 31 days in which people continued to upload videos about videogames to the internet. Some of these videos have ended up in this list, here, below, curated by yours truly, sometimes on the back of recommendations from you, readers, via email or twitter or discord. Speaking of calendars, this October marks two years since my first TMIVGV roundup for this site. Happy anniversary to me! Thank you to every reader, with extra special thanks to all our Patreon supporters who make this work possible.

This Month In Videogame Vlogging highlights the most compelling critical videos about videogames from the previous calendar month.

Remixing History

Let’s start with two cool essays looking at how alternative history games reaffirm status quo power structures.

Let Us Now Consider Contentious Sequels

This October there was seemingly a lot of ‘content’ discussing or analysing mixed-reception sequels. I don’t know why! But I’m here for it.


As it does every year, October means playing horror games and/or thinking about horror games, be they old favourites or hidden gems.

Talking About Talking About Videogames

Processes of criticism, classification and myth-making are all under the spotlight in this last subheading for October 2021.