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I hope you’re well. Here are January’s vods and odds.

This Month In Videogame Vlogging highlights the most compelling critical videos about videogames from the previous calendar month.

In Defence of Maligned 3D Platformers

A couple of essayists go in to bat for 3D platformers they feel have received the rough end of the reviewer’s stick.

Game World Feels

We now move on to a couple of pieces that contemplate different sorts of feelings effected by game environments.

Concerning: Hypothetical Futures

These next four videos look at different intersections of technology, ideology, online communities and anxieties about contested versions of ‘the future’ being played out in current discourses and marketing schemes. As a whole, this section is maybe as adjacent to ‘videogames’ as I’m likely to get when selecting these things, but I do think these are all important conversations to have.

Politics? In GAMES?

Hyper-aware that they aren’t ‘meant’ to be talking about politics in games, our final videoists for this month decide to do it anyway.

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