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Unity’s the talk of the town this week, having announced a raft of changes to their business model that seem heavy on punishing smaller studios for using their engine and downright ephemeral on safeguarding against exploitation or abuse. I can’t imagine it all holding up in court, but we’ve also all seen CEOs double down harder for longer on equally ruinous ideas. A story we’ll keep following, to be sure.

This Week in Videogame Blogging is a roundup highlighting the most important critical writing on games from the past seven days.

On A Raven’s Wings

Now that folks have had time to sit with their thoughts after [checks notes] multiple playthroughts, we’re starting to see the floodgates open on substantive writing on Armored Core VI. Here’s a pair of inspired highlights from this week.

Armored Core VI made mech people out of ones who never thought they could, the way Elden Ring brought even more people into the Souls family. This is the mech life. And so many people are finally embracing the totality of it.”

Engine Failure

Unity’s the headline-grabbing topic this week, but there are other good and important industry-level conversations to be had on remakes and the state of triple-A games. Here are some highlights.

“The open-world fantasy, set by games like Skyrim and ballooned to impossible standards by games like Cyberpunk 2077, has always hinged on being whoever you want and doing whatever you want. Judging from the trajectory of modern Bethesda franchises like Fallout, Bethesda is eager to meet part of this ceaseless, impossible fantasy, often at the cost of the things that make their games compelling in the first place.”

Genre Takes, Genre Breaks

Next up, here’s a larger section bringing together a bunch of conversations on genre experiences, trends, and disruptions.

“It is looking for someone to understand, comprehend, appreciate, and love this abrasive game design. Like me, it wants to be loved with all its imperfections and wounds. Void Stranger is a puzzle game that demands to be heard from the abyss from which it cries.”

Critical Chaser

One of our favourite poets returns to the roundup.

I might not be able to play a single
note anymore, but that doesn’t mean

I can’t still make music happen.


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