This Month in Videogame Vlogging: January 2024

The coolest part about games, in my opinion, is how entangled they are in the world. What I mean by this is, I hope, fairly simple: games provide us with springboards and points of departure to talk about other forms of media, other ways of relating to ourselves and each other, that (hopefully) deepen our understanding of the world. The video essays in this roundup are stellar examples of this. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Welcome back to The Month in Videogame Vlogging, a feature we’re bringing back to look at some of the most interesting videos about games made during the preceding month. We’ve been away for a while, so we’re going to start fresh.

Since this is our first post in a hot minute, we’re bound not to see the entire breadth and scope of great Videoessays über Videospiele that came out. If you’re like, “hey you missed this great video by X creator,” please feel free to join our Discord (link here) and make your suggestions known!

Mechanical Analysis

These videos approach a specific game or games from the perspective of engaging with their most interesting—or frustrating—mechanics, sometimes from moment to moment and others over a large time period.

The Text is Not (Just) The Text

This next batch of videos uses games to talk about other forms of media, from music to television.

Player Experiences, Personal Meanings

This last group of videos present their games as doorways to specific interpretations based on different subjectivities.

Critical Chaser

This video was already a critical chaser over on the main roundup, but it felt appropriate to end on it yet again.

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