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October 16th

…never let go | Polygon Kazuma Hashimoto unpacks the origins and influences of Tetsuya Nomura’s post-millennial zipcore drip.

  • Scorn Is True To Giger’s Work, But Needs More Dicks | Kotaku Claire Jackson finds the Gigeresque Scorn to be productively frustrating. Mostly.
  • “As a trans woman who’s spent most of her life closeted, I’ve found HR Giger’s work viscerally communicates an ambience of doomed sex, sexuality, and physical forms, a general sense of unease and confusion that resonates with how I’ve seen the world for most of my life. His images provide meditative spaces that are much…

    This Year in Videogame Blogging: 2022

    …over our brains and our social media feeds in 2022.


    The latest game from Sam Barlow is another database tale about sex and identity.

    • The Rapists of Immortality | Unwinnable Aster Shen contemplates perspective, identification, and abuse in Immortality (content warning for discussions of child abuse and sexual assault).
    • Immortality review: a peeling apart of stories, power and film that can’t quite balance on a knife edge | Rock Paper Shotgun Alice Bell praises Immortality‘s intent but has some quibbles about its context.
    • Papers, Apples, Microphones, Chairs: Immortality’s Spatial Miscellany | Unwinnable Caroline

    January 7th

    …enduring, evolving legacy of Lucas Pope’s border crossing game.

  • Indie developers name their unsung heroes of the year | Game Developer Joel Couture gathers some experts to highlight some of the folks who make game dev a better, more liveable space to inhabit.
  • Interview with Giichi Totsuka | Indie Tsushin Indie Tsushin chats with Giichi Totsuka about the anthology work Retro Game Aliens, indie games production past and present, magazine writing, the idea and value of “retro,” and more.
  • ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ Writers Break Down the Craft of Video Game Sex and Romance | Inverse Shannon Liao…
  • June 23rd

    …Steve Dixon charts a path forward to living life.

  • How Random Access Mayhem Reinvents the Killer Robot Trope | Videodame Xyla Adamantine Storm reflects on AI, agency, and accountability in an introspective action game.
  • The Sex of Snake Eater’s CURE System | VGBees Moira Hicks offers a subversive approach to sexuality in MGS.
  • “Do men know this is sexy? Do men know that the the Survival Viewer is a JOI fantasy in which you force Snake to examine and handle the delicate opening of his situational cunt? Do they realize Snake is a girl, cautiously…