September 9th


This week brings a selection of powerful and timely articles about inclusivity within games as well their overlapping communities of play, design, and criticality. With a shift by some major journalistic outlets away from scored reviews, as well as continued troubling reports…

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May 27th


It’s a lovely week for games criticism, with poignant examinations of grief and in-depth study of strategy among other delights. This is our roundup of The Week in Videogame Blogging (and other forms of criticism). Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom…

May 13th


In this week’s roundup, there are some fascinating questions about how and why to look at games critically, as well as writing on accessibility, narrative, and interactive systems! Mindsets This week brought us three pieces that highlight the importance and variety of…

March 11th


Games critics are always exploring new ways to talk about digital media, be it genre, narrative structure, architecture or the material thinginess of computers themselves. The latest This Week in Videogame Blogging features artists, journalists, and historians trying out new perspectives on…