This week is an emotional one, with many critics taking on discussions of empathy, trauma, and cruelty toward outsiders. This Week in Videogame Blogging is our rundown of the week’s most important critical writing and video on games.


Three critics looked at empathy this week, with plenty of critique and complexity.

“I wept, too, over my misguided empathy. Charles had performed all manner of emotional abuse against his son, but in wrapping Charles’ actions around the death of his partner, wife, and mother of his child, it was easy to get blinded.”


In two pieces this week, the fragility of queer identity formation is examined with reference to the end of the millennium and the end of the world.

“I cannot help but worry that the kiss Ellie shared in The Last of Us Part II’s trailer is a kiss of death.”


Two writers look at how experiences of racism and xenophobia are reflected in videogames.

“Trauma does not move from point A to point B to point C. There is no coherence to its cruel logic. There is no chronology: trauma is past crashing into present”


Discussions of the temporality of trauma and memory continue in two more pieces this week.

“Space and memories are so entwined in each other that, when taken together, can capture meaningful and deeply personal images of grief and loss.”



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