October 3rd


Welcome back, readers. Hey! Connor’s back with a new TMIVGV, and this issue’s positively packed. Check it out! Elsewhere, the folks over at KRITIQAL recently wrapped an essay jam centred around forgotten games, producing a bunch of cool, offbeat, and interactive works….

September 26th


Welcome back, readers. Videogames? Videogames. I’ve looked up from a packed-but-gratifying semester of teaching queer Twine games just long enough to put together this week’s latest issue, which features nihilism, Deltarune, story ideologies, and another out-of-context fish picture. Enjoy! This Week in…

June 6th


Welcome back, readers. Remember that bundle on Itch we mentioned last week, with the proceeds going towards aid for Palestine via UNRWA? You’ve probably read this elsewhere already, but that bundle is live, bringing together over a thousand different games, works, and…