October 3rd


Welcome back, readers. Hey! Connor’s back with a new TMIVGV, and this issue’s positively packed. Check it out! Elsewhere, the folks over at KRITIQAL recently wrapped an essay jam centred around forgotten games, producing a bunch of cool, offbeat, and interactive works….

September 26th


Welcome back, readers. Videogames? Videogames. I’ve looked up from a packed-but-gratifying semester of teaching queer Twine games just long enough to put together this week’s latest issue, which features nihilism, Deltarune, story ideologies, and another out-of-context fish picture. Enjoy! This Week in…

August 22nd


Welcome back, readers. It’s another quiet week around the site in a distinctly unquiet world. If you’ve been feeling angry and powerless watching the catastrophic conclusion of the American Empire’s twenty-year fuckup in Afghanistan, this would be a good place to lend…